Automation Gates

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One of the most important set of choices about new automatic gates is the selection of the control accessories. The correct devices to open your gate will help you get the convenience of use and security you are looking for.

We can offer these controls as part of a new installation or we can provide a quote for adding them to your existing gate installation.

Remote Controls

Most electric gates are installed with the facility to use radio remote control handsets. Modern remote controls are key fob sized and have a range of about 50m.

A Came Atomo remote control handset

Digital Code Keypads

Keypads open the gates after a correct code is typed into them. Keypads are a simple to use backup option to open the gates if you have left the house without your remote control or wish to give access to a friend of family member. The disadvantage of keypads is that the code can be passed on from person to person so they do not provide great security unless you can completely trust everyone who knows the code. The code should also be changed regularly because the repeated pressing of the buttons polishes them, making it easy to see the numbers used in the code. There are a wide variety of keypads available with different aesthetics and the amount of different codes they can store. We install Videx 4000 series keypads by default. These have a modern look, subtle cyan backlighting and can store three different codes. This would allow for example ; One code for family members to fully open the gates, one pedestrian access code for the postman and one code to open the gates fully that can be given to contractors or delivery people. This last code could be changed immediately when you no longer wish to allow access to your property.

A picture of a videx 400 series combinded intercom and keypad unit


If you are fully securing your property for access by vehicles and pedestrians it is important to consider an intercom system to screen unexpected visitors or deliveries and allow access. There is a large range of intercoms, we have a separate page detailing some of them.

Caller ID access control

A GSM gate opener

These devices are often called GSM openers. They connect to the mobile phone network and allow access by looking at the caller ID of an incoming phone call. To open the gates you dial the phone number of the automatic gateway, the GSM opener checks if the incoming call is from a telephone approved to open the gates and if so opens them. The call is always rejected without connecting so it does not cost any money or call credit to open the gates. The devices can be programsed with text messages from your mobile phone so you can add and remove people from your approved list at any time and place you have a mobile signal. This makes them a very cost effective way of providing manageable access control. You can authorise contractors or guests mobile phones to open the gate during their stay and then remove them from the system and lock them out when you no longer need to provide them access.

Car detectors

A couple of technologies exist for detecting a car and opening the gate it approachs. Induction loops retect the metal in a car with a loop of wire cut into or buried under the driveway and detect when a body of metal drives over this loop. Magnetic anomaly detectors can be buried or mounted by the road side and are less disruptive to install than induction loops but they are not suitable for use in areas with a lot of metal nearby, moving metal or electrical interference. Both types of sensors are usually used to provide easy exit from a property.

Pedestrian Access

Most electric gate systems have the option to partially openand allow pedestrians access to the property. Pedestrian access is usually used with a lower security control, such as a simple push button. This can be restricted to certain times of day.

Digital Timers

Timers are open use to hold a gate open during busy times of the day or during opening hours of comercial properties. They can also be used to restrict controls to only work during specific times of day or days. A common example is an induction loop (metal detector) inside the gate used with a timer to open the gate for anyone driving up to it during daytime hours.

Automatic Numberplate Recognition

This uses a camera to 'read' the numberplate of a vehicle approaching the gate. If the numberplate is on an list of approved vehicles the gates are opened. It provides a high degree of convenience but low to medium security. The initial cost is relatively high but the cost per user is then effectively nothing. This makes the system very suitable for carparks, especialy those with regularly changing users.

Proximety Fob Readers

Also known as 'Access control systems' or just 'Fob readers'. With these systems the user presents a keyfob or access card to a reader to open the gate. The cost and complexity of these systems can vary hugely depending on the features you require. They can vary from a single card reader to a network of readers controling a set of differant sites spread accross the country with computer viewable logs showing who has opened what door or gate and remote administration over the internet.